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<Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. missing

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my system is showing ntoskrnl.exe file is missing so I tried to format the PC,but after formating and copying file when the grphical protion is coming before that <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. this error is showing

Kindly help me regaridng this problem.
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Hi mate,

I cannot understand what you're asking here. Please can you clarify as I can that 31 people have skipped your post and I'd imagine this is because it's not clear.

Cheers, Crit.

Well I completely agree with Critical Point your post isn't that clear, im assuming you want help in repairing this issue, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

ntoskrnl.exe is a kernal image for Windows NT OSes, its used for hardware virtualization, process, memory management and cache management.

Are you sure your running Windows XP? or NT?

If NT this is in the wrong section of the forum,

This issue can arise from the following;

1)Keyboard Issue
2)Corrupt Boot.INI
3)Missing Boot.INI
4)ntoskrnl.exe is missing
5)or windows NT if thats what you have, is installed on a partiton bigger then 7.8gb.

What are your system specs? Do you have a installation CD?
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