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Windows Restarts

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Hey everyone,
Im new to the forums so I introduce myself. haha.
Anyway, I've encountered a problem.
I recently tried to install AVG Anti-virus on my Windows XP system, and it encountered a problem during installation. I already had ZoneAlarm on the pc and everything was working fine. The computer starting working all slow, so I restarted it manually. Windows loaded to the "Choose a User" screen and I clicked on my account. The screen loaded and after a couple seconds, the taskbar turned all old fashioned "like it looks in safe mode" and the computer restarted.

I restarted the computer in Safe Mode and turned off ZoneAlarm on Startup. I restarted it again and loaded the user, and the same thing happend.

I retried on a different user that had previously failed as well, but it successfully loaded this time. My question is, why won't the other user load? Why is it restarting automatically?

Thanks so much!!!!
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The best thing to do in this case is to backtrack and undo recent changes. I have heard of PCs having trouble with AVG so you might want to try an uninstall of that in safe mode.
Did you had installed some anti-virus software before you tried to install AVG??? Maybe they are in conflict...
And why you decided to install anti-virus program? You found out that you might have some viruses??? Did your PC was slow before installing AVG?
Do as moviscop said, go to safe mode and uninstall AVG.
under add/remove programs, avg doesn't even show up as installed. I am worried that possibly torrents are causing these issues. However i have never had problems with them before. I had zone-alarm installed b4, but avg doesn't even show up as installed anyway.
I decided to install it because I heard that it is a worthy anti-virus program, and u can never be safe enough. My PC wasn't necessary slow, but it most likely had viruses/spyware that zonealarm wasn't detecting.
Install Anti-Vir and update it. Restart in safe mode, run a scan, and give us an update on your results.
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