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Windows Protection Error while Initializing Device CONFIGMG

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I need help to correct the problem which is causing this error message: "Windows Protection Error While Initializing Device CONFIGMG. You need to reboot your computer."

Because of repetitive experience of this error message (about half of system starts) - I have just finished re-installing Windows 98 from the original CD ROM. The re-install seemed to have corrected the problem!? Then I went on-line, and downloaded the security package at YAHOO (anti-spy, anti-virus, etc.). Immediately upon next boot-up after installation, the computer reported a virus in "QTTASKS.EXE". I scanned my system with YAHOO antivirus - and the software (a Computer Associates program?) reported that it had found the virus, and deleted (which? the virus? and or the applet, "QTTASKS.EXE".

After repeated attempts, if receive the error message on every attempt to boot in normal mode. The system does boot faithfully in SAFE mode.

I have visited the Microsoft help site - and have not been helped by any of the suggestions for this error message. My system has a M550 motherboard, with Intel 430TX chipset. My video adaptor is an S3 Virgie. I will be pleased to receive assistance, with how to eliminate this error message, without having to go through the process of re-installing Windows 98 from the CD ROM again (takes too much time - asks too many decision inputs!?).

Thank you for your assistance,

Robert Hinton

Please feel free to reply by e-mail to [email protected]
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Have you tried to use system restore to fix this?
I have used RESTORE with Windows XP. I am not aware that (my version of) Windows 98 has a System Restore feature!?
I purchased a new AMIBIOS for this computer. The date of the ROM is Nov 1998 (more recent than the original BIOS date of April 1998). With new BIOS chip, and after re-installation of Windows 98, and changing several parameters in BIOS setup, I have been able to boot the computer successfully in normal mode. I did get the error message related to CONFIGMG - even with the new BIOS chip - until I changed several of the parameters in BIOS setup. Sorry, I don't know which of several changes was necessary to 'get rid of' the Windows Protection Error message - while processing CONFIGMG.
Window Protection Error

"Windows Protection Error While Initializing Device CONFIGMG. You need to reboot your computer."

I am also small computer hardware

I saw so many times this problem and rectified in my friends and in my clients house also.

I formated win98 again this problem came.

That is your Ram problem.

Check it.
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Well according to Microsofts Knowledge Base it seems This behavior can occur because Windows Setup flushes the L2 Cache as it initializes the PCI-to-AGP Bridge on a Micro-Star International MSI-5169 motherboard. I see you are not using the MSI motherboard, but that doesn't mean it cant happen to other boards!

To resolve this behavior, contact your computer manufacturer to inquire about the availability of a possible BIOS upgrade. If you already have the latest BIOS version for your computer, you may be able to work around this problem using one of the following methods:
  • Disable the external (CPU or L2) cache in the CMOS. For information about how to do so, refer to the documentation included with your computer or contact your hardware manufacturer.
  • If you are using an Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video adapter, try replacing the AGP video adapter with a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) video adapter.

You could probably find more info by using Google but I think this should give you a good idea of a possible problem to look into.

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