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Windows not starting sometimes

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When I turn on my PC or restart it, it sits there on a black screen with the "_" blinking in the very upper left corner. And about 5-10 minutes later it tells that the disk boot failed or something and that i need to insert a disc.

I have my recovery discs which I have used before to restore my PC its original factory condition (two times before today). I usually do it just to get a fresh start with my computer after having quite a bit of games and such installed.

So I did a total of 3 factory condition restores and I still get the problem. Sometimes windows starts up with no other problems. I have the feeling that its only going to get worse and it will start to never work. Is there anything I can do?

If it matters heres a few of my specs(may not be all the of the correct terms):
windows vista 32bit
amd dual core processor
3GM ram
two 288GB harddrives
nVidia Geforce 9800GT overcloaked

thank you in advance
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when i restarted to test it, everything just started up normally. pressing F8 didnt seem to do anything,

on the very first screen the options are F11 and Esc though, but I haven't tried either yet.

What does it mean if i do or dont get that screen?
is not anyone that can help me here? :4-dontkno
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