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Windows Media Player 10

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I currently have 1980 songs from approximately 150 CD's or so, on my computer. I actually do own the all the CD's that these songs came on. I spent at least a week ripping them all over to my hard drive. These WMAs have been moved back and forth between at least 5 or 6 computers and every one of them played just fine on every computer they were put on, with WMP 9 and 10 until recently. This is also not counting how many times I have formatted my hard drive or replaced hard drives. Out of the 1980 I can only play 116, less that %6.

Some CD's I can play one song, others I can play all songs on the CD others I can play none, and everything in between.

I had installed WMP 11 and did not like the changes in it. I recently installed a new hard drive in my laptop and only installed 10. I am wondering if the problem originated with 11.

In My Library there is a colum titled “Protected” and Yes is beside every song. This is in spite that of the fact that under the ripping tab the option Copy Protect Music is NOT checked..

I was told that a recent update to Windows Media Player 10 is the result of this. Do you know what update? Do you know how I can fix this with out re-ripping every CD I own?

I apologize this is so long
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Personally, I'd get out of WMP completely. I "upgraded" to WMP11 and it hasn't worked since.

Have you thought of WinAMP ?
I down loaded it just to see if my WMA's would work, they did not. I am currently re-ripping all my CD,s again, it is going faster than I thought. I am already almost half way through them.

I had orginally upgrade to 11 to see what it was like. Althought their were somthings I liked, they were not enough for me to stay. I recently installed a new hard drive into my notebook that was twice as big as my old one.

When I installed every thing on the new drive I only installed wmp 10. I beleive upgrading to 11 although as brief as it was was the cause of my problem.

I wish Microsoft would get some input from their users and actually use their suggestions. Their products may actually be better if they did.

Thanks for thehelp though
Microsoft isn't about recieving input from customers, nor about developing good products.

Microsoft is about $
I know that is their problem. I am a Network Engineer and deal with their screw ups everyday. I actually have come to the believe that they purposely release screwed up software so that you have to call their tech support and they can charge you $35 an hour to tell you how to fix it.

No wonder gates has so much money, 90+ billion at one time.
I can attest that they do that in many instances (forcing and shaping behaviors and chosen responses). Anyway, after moving over do you check if any of them are playable initially?

Secondly have you tried any other player for them to see if its only WMP?

When was the last update you d/l.. any idea's?

I believe (KB917734) is their latest update for WMP10.

You may want to find that in Control Panel>Add/Remove (show updates checked at top) and remove it to see if that helps. Being a security update, I can't see how or why it would interfere but then again, they don't always explain everything about the products but the highlights :mad:
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