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Windows live through internet content filter

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Hey guys,
My dad has installed a internet content filter on my computer that filters any http access to the internet. The filter is set to allow Windows Live messenger, and it allows me to enter chat conversations, but I cannot transfer files, or hold voice or webcam conversations.
I contacted Windows Live Support and they sent me a email with a list of possible problems including NAT settings, Firewalls, and many other possibilities. however after going through all these things I was still unable to get the conversations to work.
I was looking around for a proxy solution and the best thing I found was, but I'm not willing to go that far just to get a video conversation.
Does anybody know of a way to configure the proxy settings in Windows Live Messenger that will let me open video conversations?
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You could try asking your Dad if the content filter is able to block/allow certain ports....also you may need to forward ports in your router (if using one).
I have looked at the filter myself and it has no feature for blocking or unblocking ports...
I do have a router and I use port forwarding for several other programs, but have not been able to find any information on how to set up port forwarding for windows live. If you know how to set it up, or some website I can go to to get information that would be great.
thanks again
Port Forward should have everything you need to know.

Select your Router, then choose the application (MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger) and follow the on screen advice.
Windows Live Messenger uses TCP ports 6720 through to 65535 or UDP ports 31000 through to 31500 depending on the version you are using. It's a bit vague so it may be best to email the Windows Live team to ask them which ports your version uses :)
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