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Windows Firewall (ICS) won't enable

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yesterday i discovered that i had a virus on my pc and downloaded microsoft security essentials .
That software found some viruses and got them deleted .
after i restarted my pc a little balloon pop up with the message that windows firewall is not turned on.
So i try to turn it on but the service won't start .
And because that service wont start my internet connection also wont start , i cant even find the connection in my control panel.
I have researched like whole day today tried allot of stuff and noting seems to work.
I really do do not want to reinstall windows because i know there must be a solution.
Please help me !!!
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Are you certain that all viruses / spyware have been removed? I would run more than just Microsoft software to remove them if I were you. I have never seen one software package detect and repair every infection. Obviously you have access with another computer to the Internet so get a flash drive and download some free tools like "Spybot Search and Destroy", "Super Anti-Spyware Pro", and "Adaware" and maybe "Avira" or "Avast" antivirus packages. Then, start your computer in safe mode by hitting F8 when booting up. Install the programs from you flash drive. Run them individually and see what comes up.

You could also do a repair install with your XP disk. Probably would be a lot faster to fix the symptoms. I would personally want to run the scans though to be certain the machine is not still infected. It's a painfully slow process to be thorough, but infections can be difficult sometimes.

Hope this helps.

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