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Windows explorer freezes

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A bit of a strange problem has cropped up on my PC.

I run XP Pro on
Asus P5B
4Gb memory
Intel Duo 2 Core e6600
Lots of disks and a Synology DS107e on a LAN

When I open a drive with explorer by double clicking I get the normal single pane window, but if I try to go down more than I level the window freezes and I have to termibate explorer. The toolbars and desktop icons disappear and then come back. If, however I open the third level by right-clicking and selecting "explore" it opens the 2-pane window and works fine!

Has anyone seen this before, or have any bright ideas how to fix it?
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ive seen it, do the 5 steps on this site, sorted mine lol!

if not then try a system restore :D
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