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Windows Explorer error after pressing Start -> Turn Off Computer!

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hello. several times when I am about to shut down my computer, after pressing the 'turn off computer' button, the system freezes for a moment and then i get the message: "windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" with the 'send report' and 'don't send' buttons. I click on don't send and it seems that it re-runs explorer.exe and then i have to press turn off computer again, this time with no problem.

the weird thing is that it doesn't always give me this message. for example if i just start my computer and immediately shut it down, there is no error. it's only after using it for a long time so i guess that it may have something to do with a program or something!?

anyone having the same problem or has anything to suggest? please help, it's really annoying!!

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Well you could turn off error reporting. That would probably make it go away.

Start > control panel > system > advanced tab > error reporting button >
uncheck Enable error reporting > ok, apply and exit.

Then just to be sure that Microsoft doesn't get stubborn on you, go to Start >
in the run menu, type in services.msc > navigate to the error reporting service and double click it > in the "Startup type" window, click on the drop down arrow and select Disabled >
Apply, ok and exit.

You won't see that error again.
thanks man! that will probably work! but what's the reason for this error message? (apart from bill gates!:p) hehehe
A computer goes through multiple processes once you click the shutdown button. So it really could be anything.
Hello kyris :smile:

Use the machine normally for a while, then prepare to shutdown by closing everything down

Right click Taskbar/Task Manager
Applications Tab. Is anything running?
Processes Tab. Is anything using CPU? (other than System Idle Process which will be around 99%)

Also look here for errors
Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Admin Tools / Event Viewer / System.
Look for "Red" errors. Double click on error.
Take a note of the Event ID and also the Source and post them back.
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there are two errors which seem to occur every day. one with ID 10016 and the other with id 7026.

note that i used to get the error when i clicked on Turn off my computer, i.e before hoosing standby, shut down or restart.
Hi Kyris!, I have exactly the same problem when trying to turn off my pc. Did you fix the problem already???. , please let me know, thank you.
Israel2737 - Although it may seem like you have the same problem - we can not be sure. You need to make a new thread so we can help you further :smile:


yes follow the instrunctions above.
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