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Windows explorer crashes

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Happens many times lately. Usually when I go to running a program or am ready to reboot my computer. When it happens all my open folders close, my desktop re-arranges itself, and sometimes my desktop disappears and I am left with an empty desktop where I can only reboot.

This does not happen very often, but lately once or twice a day. Overall I have a decent computer but can't figure out why this happens. It is not a big issue, but would be nice to know why it happens.
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are you up to date with the sp's and updates
in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter
Unfortunatly it is asking for the cd multiple times when I run that, and my CD died long ago as I cracked it under my chair by accident long ago :(

Anyway, I googled some results and one of my nvidia processes might have been cuasing the crashes. So far I havn't had any problems after disabling it so I think I am ok for now.
get a replacement disk from m/soft if it is asking for the disk the system files need repairing
I have the cd key, is that how I would obtain a replacement disk?
Phone MS and tell them you need a replacement disc as well as your key. They should send you one.
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