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Windows error

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when i open folder or when i put in a data cd or dvd and i try to open it i always get a windows error can some one please help
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Hi patelz, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

What is the exact error that you receive?
Please post this information.

Kind Regards,
it just says whether i want to report the problem or not the screen then goes blank and goes to desktop
Please go Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application and tell us what the red X is listed next to.
Click on the entry and it will tell you the application.
Application Hang
.Net Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting
Aplication Error

when i go to properties the programs it mentions are

there are many of these x on the side
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Ok patelz,

Could you please re-create the error message and post a screenshot of it here at TSF

This guide will help you with how to post the screenshot.

How to Post a Screenshot to TSF. (click the coloured link.)

this is the error


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i also get jagged white edges around desktop icons


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Please try this workaround (you will need your Windows® XP SP2 CD).

(In the event that you do not have a Windows® XP CD with SP2, you will need to 'borrow' one from a friend or colleague, as the manufacturer's "Recovery Discs" will not work in this instance.)

Insert the Windows® XP CD in your drive. (Hold down the Shift Key to prevent it from starting.)

Go Start > Run the box type in sfc /scannow …please take note of the space between the sfc and the /.

This is the System File will scan all the Windows® core system files to ensure that they are in their respective correct places, and if not replace them from the CD.

During the scan you may be asked to Insert the CD, if this happens just go retry and let it do its thing.

One important point: While sfc is running, it is not advisable to do any other work, or have any browsers/programs running on the computer, until the scan is complete. (This process will generally take around 45-65 minutes to complete).

Once finished, remove the CD and reboot your machine...all should be "Normal" (hopefully). :grin:

Please post back with the result, or if there are any further queries/concerns.

Kind Regards,
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thanks alot i will have to try this

i wil definalty post back thanks for the time
Good Luck with it.
it didnt work i had to press the retry button a number of times. i removed the cd and then i restarted the pc

and it did not work when i opened the files the same error comes up
The retry was replacing the 'missing' files...that is normal.

Once it finishes, the sfc pane just closes; thats when the computer needs rebooting!

Please try the sfc /scannow again and post back with the results.

i did try it and then i removed the cd and i rebooted the pc and it is comes up with the same error
Hello again patelz,

This is very interesting indeed..

There are a number of possibilities that could be causing this error.
We need you to re-create the 'error'; click the link that says... "Click Here"; then post a screenshot of the error message code, so that we can determine the correct solution for this issue.

Kind Regards,
here is the pic


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Thanks for that Patelz,
Lets try this...
Press alt+ctrl+del.
Start the Task Manager > Processes > explorer.exe > End Process.
Close the error messages on your screen; while you are still in the Task Manager; Go File > New Task > type in > iexplore > enter.

Now, please download the latest xviD Codec from here. (Click the coloured link.)

Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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i am not going to be near my pc until the 20 june and so i will try it then and i will then post back

thanks for this very much appreciatted
thanks alot the error has been fixed and do you also know how to take the white jagged edges of the icons


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