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Windows Components Wizard:WEIRD!

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If I open "Control Panel", then "Add/Remove Programs", then "Add/Remove Windows Components", the list that shows up is incomplete.Many installed and not-installed items aren't listed. Also, the right hand column shows "0.0 MB" for all but 2 items. I suspect that there are some files missing.
2 Weeks ago, I installed Widows Fax capability using this wizard, BUT, I had to use my XP install disk in order to do it. All the necessary files should be somewhere on my HDD, right? They were not!
How can I check for any missing files and/or fix this condition?
Thanks in advance.

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You would in most cases need your XP CD top install them as they're not installed on your system. If you have 0.0MB next to them, then it means they're already installed on your system.

The components available should be:

• Accessories and Utilities
• Fax Service
• Indexing Service
• Internet Explorer
• Internet Information Services (IIS)
• Management and Monitoring Tools
• Message Queuing
• MSN Explorer
• Networking Services
• Other Network File and Print Services
• Update Root Certificates

Internet Information Services (IIS) and Message Queuing are not included in Windows XP Home Edition.
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The problem is UNINSTALLING them. Last week I installed "accessibility" items (a subgroup of "accessories"). It no longer appears on the list of installed items, so, I have no way of removing it, which I'd like to do.
Can you tell me the items on your "Windows Components Wizard" list. If you can list subgroups, that would be most helpful.
I have XP Home.

PS: Inserting the install disk, and trying the same procedure from there makes no diff. Do I have to boot from the install disk in order for the entire list of add/remove windows components to show up??
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