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After restarting my PC last night I noticed the OS took much longer to boot and after loading the desktop, I got the error "Windows cannot find logon.exe," and notice the following:
  • Cannot access Start menu (I was able to get this running by clicking properties on the task bar and making some changes and saving)
  • McAffee Security Suite is not loaded
  • Drivers are not loaded, including USB and network drivers.
  • OS System files are running but no username is associated with them. Typically they are loaded by "System"
  • I cannot complete basic function like drag & drop, paste, etc.
  • I CAN copy files from command prompt, but cannot copy folders...even with xcopy.
  • I can load software and use computer management.

I believe this is not from a virus. I installed Windows XP SP2 in May. I made a mistake and loaded the root drive as D:. I've never seen this done before, but I didn't think it would be a big deal to leave it, so I opted not to reinstall.

I setup an Administrator account and a 2nd user account for my normal logon and added it to the administrators group. I also put My Documents onto the E: partition.

After starting Windows, I noticed that the Administrator account was not listed on the logon screen. I also noticed that I did not need to enter a password logging onto my user account, even though I had set one. I wasn't too concerned though, so I ignored these.

Yesterday I created a 2nd user logon account and I switched back and forth between my normal user and the 2nd user several times and it worked fine. However, after rebooting, the trouble began.

The boot drive is still listed as D:, but my documents folder has been moved back to D: and off of E:.

I could delete the newly created account, but I'm concerned that will break my system further. Can I rebuild my accounts without reloading Windows from scratch?
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