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Windows can not be loaded

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Last summer something went wrong with the windows updates and as result of that the Vista Home configuration on my laptop Acer 5315 was corrupted. After a very long string of additional problems I finally managed to launch the vendor recovery feature located at the hidden partition and reinstalled the operating system.

This new re installation was not exactly the old one, I noticed that a couple of features included in the Acer floating toolbar for management of the machine went missing, others not set up and the Webcam Cristal Eye has not worked properly since then. In any case the system have been working normally till today went I've been trying to recover some of that features: in concrete the named eRecovery management.

I initiated this eRecovery but at the first screen asked me to set-up a password for future use and at that point I cancelled the set -up. Then I turn off the machine.

Now when I turn on the windows doesn't load. I received an error message that indicates that it was not possible to initiate windows probably due to early changes introduced in the Hardware or software and the reference that a critical driver of the system doesn't exist or has been damaged.

The message indicates that to correct that problem I need to introduce the installation disk ( but as I don't have that installation disk -- vendor didn't provide it and originally also the proper eRecovery didn't work properly in the generation of the disks-- , my purpose was to restart the eRecovery feature and for the very first time proceed with its generation).

The message identifies the following file as originator of the problem
\windows\system32\drivers\PSDNServ.sys with the reference: 0XC0000221 .

With F8 I invoke and run the different methods of recovery (mode secure, the last valid working configuration, mode debug,......)
but without success.

Also invoke the vendor recovery console ALT +F10 but doesn't pop up.

Could you please help me on this and tell me what else I could try.
Thanks in advance.
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