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My computer was recently infected with a Trojan,
I managed to remove the Trojan with McAfee virus-scan (at least I think its been removed :normal: )

Then I restarted my computer after I had been told the Virus was removed by McAfee

And my internet browsers weren't loading any web-pages.

Then I un-installed and re-installed McAfee
And I checked my McAfee Firewall and the Firewall was set to 'Lockdown'
Which blocked internet traffic.

My browser was working fine then. I then ran AVG Anti-Spyware full scan. which showed I had 13 cookies on my computer.

Then Windows automatic updates tryed to install 2 neccessary
"Update for office 2003 (KB919029)"
and " Update for Outlook Junk Email Filter 2003 (KB921587)"

After my computer attempted to install them
it said 'Updates were unable to be successfully installed'

I'm not sure why the updates are failing to install
If anyone could help me with my problem i'd appreciate it greatly :smile:
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