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Windows Activation Error !!

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Hey Guys

I am stuck with a problem.

I didn't activate my windows and now when I try to login to windows account, I get a WINDOWS ACTIVATION ERROR, which ask me if I want to activate my windows. When I try to activate it, the product key which I believed I used is not working. I tried all product keys that I have for windows and none of them worked.

I tried booting in different ways and the only one I didn't get the error on was safe mode, which I went into and saw what product key I was using. I tried using that product key and it didn't work also. I even tried using the product key on the side of the Dell PC which might have been the original one from the beginning, that didn't work either.

I next called Windows support for ACTIVATION OVER THE PHONE, and I gave them the Activation ID, and then they gave me a new product key which didn't work either, and then Windows told me to call Dell about it.

I don't think that will help, because I think I have reformatted and might have changed my product or something like that.

Can you guys list any other options that I have besides reformatting; I have a lot of important info on this computer.

Please help, any advice is much helpful.

Thanks in advice.
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if you have a retail version of xp that you purchased,try a repair install,otherwise the only ones that can help are
microsoft and dell
this problem usually only crops up on pirated versions when windows checks the key,because of this possibility i am closing the thread
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