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Windows 98 registry problem

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A couple days ago, I came home to find my Windows 98 SE PC had suffered from some sort of fault or error. To be honest, I've seen enough of them that I didn't even bother worrying about it. I rebooted, but right after the Windows cloud screen (with the moving blue and white bar on the bottom) it stopped booting on a black DOS screen with a single white cursor. So I booted into Safe Mode without issue, then tried to boot back into Normal Mode from there. Same lock-up. Safe Mode worked fine, Normal Mode locked up every time. I tried disconnecting peripherals, removing every card but the video, going into msconfig and only booting up essentials, nothing worked. Eventually, I thought to restore and older registry using scanreg /restore. When I did that, it booted up without a problem.

But now I have another problem. I boot up fine, and it works without an issue, but when I leave it on for an extended amount of time it freezes. For example, it's fine in the morning, but when I come home from work it's frozen, or when I hit the sack at night it's fine, but in the morning I have to reset it. I've been getting invalid page faults, usually with Eudora Pro (e-mail) and some other program. The one I noted was a DLL called MFC42.DLL. This morning, just the Blue Screen of Death®.

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall any programs installed since the last backed-up registry. I've tried to clean the registry using RegClean or even one I downloaded called RegCleaner but I'm not sure I'm getting all the things out I need.

The thing is, it seems that with the errors I'm getting there should be enough clues for me to determine where the problem is, I'm just not good enough with registries to determine that. I'm stumped now. Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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lock up problems

I'd suspect you may be in DLL hell.

Do a search for *.DLL, alphabetize the list and search for duplicates with different dates.

If, for example a June 2000 version of MFC40.DLL is active in RAM and Eudora requires the September 2000 version . . . Lock-up. Blue Screen. . .

The program that loaded the June 2000 version should be able to run using the September version. . . the newest version is always supposed to be backward compatible . .

I'd rename those older versions until I was sure killing them didn't destroy something important.
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