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windows 98 problem

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well i have a problem with a window 98 ... laptop

it doesnt start .. it goes through the little loading process it doesnt reach the windows 98 loading page .. and it goes straigh to a black page with the white blinking thing ...

and well i have some stuff to back up .. any ideas to back it up without having to reformat everything?
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how do i fix this problem .. it wont even boot from the cd
moved to win98 forum. :smile:
thanks for the move

does anyone know how i can fix this

it wont boot from cd nor will it load at all.. it goes straight to the dos page
well, is it a command prompt like this:


or just



If its c:/>_ type win and hit enter. Other than that, I don't think I can help you.
Boot, press and hold the 'CTRL' key or F8 or F10 until the boot menu appears.

Select the COMMAND PROMPT ONLY option and press enter.

From the C:\> prompt, type SCANREG /RESTORE and press enter.

When the restore screen appears, select a backup dated before this problem
occurred and then restart the system. (A properly working registry has the word
'Started' next to the date)
ctrl nor f8 nor f10 .. seems to work
I am afraid the hard drive is dying or dead but not 100% sure .

have you tried to put a win 98 cd while booting ?
or can you create a boot disk from a floppy ,i am not too much familiar with win98 ,but i knew a friend who use to boot his pc from a floppy ,try to get more infos about it .
ive tried .. cd while booting .. ive tried floppy .. hard drive is dead probably ... it was a cheap 4 gig one anyways .. i dont understand why my friends uses this cheap laptop hahah he says he has no money for a new one .. sigh~
Check the RAM ...we never know .
ram is working fine i believe .. it shows that ram is working when it laods
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