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windows 98 Arrrrhhhhh

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my computer was working fine i exited windows as normal but when i started up my computer a message came up saying "type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g C:\windows\ does any one knows what this means and how can i fix it without formating my hard drive.
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Did you change the name of your windows directory?

To check and see if it have been changed get a win 98 boot disk and boot to dos.

see if you have a windows directory. If you do check and see if it contains anything. If you do not search the other directories for the files that windows should contian and rename that directory to windows and reboot. If you do have a window directory type cd windows and the type "win" and let us know your results.

I have only recieved that error message when I renamed the windows directory (on purpose) on my cousins machine (just to see if he could fix it)(sorry I was a little cruel when I first learned DOS to him and his PC)
could be bad hard drive, loose cables, corrupt windows...after doing what der rob suggests... see if you can do a windows re-install....
right i've got a windows 98 but it's on cd how do you boot up from the cd cos i haven't got a clue.i just keep getting the same message over and over again and i've got about 2 years of work on the computer that i don't want to loose.
Also, HERE is a microsoft article that may help out. The article states windows 95 but also can apply to 98.
Grab a windows 98 bootdisk from and then follow Der Robes suggestion ..
boot disk

i downloaded the boot disk but when i put it in my computer it says non system disk error. also there is no button to press to get in to my bios. i looked on the first screen but htere isnnothing there. i'm at my wits end now:confused: thanx to everyone helping me out i really appreciate it.

what .img do you mean. i downloaded the win 98 boot disk and put it in my computer. i'm gonna buy a new harddrive and see if thats the problem.
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