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First of all Hello to all, I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 7 and touch wood all seems well apart from a couple of glitches!
The first one to mention is compatibility with 7 and Microsoft works 2000, having worked with word 2000 for years Id like to carry on but my main worry is being able to open up all my old files!
For the first week or so after installing 2000 it worked perfectly then stopped then upgraded itself then when opening old file placed the graphics etc all over the place, any help to get me back on track would be most appreciated!
Secondly I’ve used a version of “Mavis Beacon teaches typing” and would like to use it again to teach my children, its approximately 8 years old and will not load at all, all it come up with is “cannot start or run due to incompatibility 64 bit version of Windows”
Any help on any subject would be of great help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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