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windows 7 says media disconnected

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I needed to change my password to my wifi so after watching a youtube video
I followed these instructions:
Go to search program files : cmd
Enter: ipconfig
Get gateway ip address
Go to internet explorer enter ip address
Once admin log on comes on log on and I went on to change wireless password
Once I did change password after that it would not comment to my wireless wifi
Connection. I once again went to cmd then ipconfig where there it then said media disconbected please help did I mess something up since now nothing can connected to WiFi
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Hi and welcome to TSF,

Did you delete all the wireless profiles from your computer.

Go to start>control panel>netork and sharing centre>Manage wireless networks:

Right click each profile and choose remove press enter and restart computer.

Then open wireless utility and click on SSID and enter your new network key you set on the router.
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