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Hello Everyone,

I am having issues with my Windows 7 Permission for files and folders. I recently updated my drivers for sd card reader and for some reason. I am being locked out from accessing files and folder. Especially when i try to delete something as it always says access denied or file is in use.

I have reset my permissions using SubInACL.exe with proper instruction. I have used sfc scan as well as full scan for viruses.

I am the administrator of the pc, i have disabled UAC and re-enable it to resolve the issue but nothing works.

furthermore, in the security tab i have full permission as shown in the picture but when i delete something i always get error of file is in use but even it is a normal text file.


Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible as i am unable to use my pc normally.

OS: Windows 7 64bit and up to date
User: Administrator
Built-in: Administrator account is disabled
Security Software: Kaspersky

Thank you in advance

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