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One of the kids came to to me with his laptop (Toshiba, Windows 7), that he can no longer boot up.

When attempting to boot it shows the screen with the F2 and F12 options, then goes black, with the flashing cursor in the top left which disappears after a few seconds.

After 10 minutes or so a message appears saying (in German) that there is a problem caused by external media being removed incorrectly (USB), and the option to proceed or cancel. Either of these options causes the failing reboot process to repeat.

F8 to go to safe-mode didn't work. (no reaction at all)
Booting from recovery disks didn't work either. A message saying windows is loading files appeared, and then it went to the blank screen as before.

I then tried booting using a Ubuntu Live CD, so that i might at least be able to back up his files, or even somehow force a safe-mode windows restart by changing some setting manually. ( I dont know how to do that but i figured it must be possible).

Even Ubuntu had problems. It started but was extremely slow, and it didn't show his files. (It DID recognize the USB devices though, and they worked). I havent found any settings to help with forcing a safe reboot.

Anyway .. does anyone have a advice on how i can get this laptop to run again, taking all of this into account?

Thanks in advance.
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