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Windows 7 Microsoft Offer Form?

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Hey everyone, so heres my situation.
I am trying to format and reinstall windows on a clients computer, which normally is no big issue. This case is special though.

Client has Windows 7 Installed, but the sticker on the case is for Windows Vista, ok no biggy. I call him up and ask him to bring his license in and this is what he brings me.

A black booklet that looks like the first of the two on this page.
So I have never run across one of these things before so I check out the site thats on the booklet, which took me to that link I just sent.

So my question is, what process from here do I have to go through to reinstall this guys windows 7?

The license on this sticker is only 17 digits instead of the standard 25, so was this a code to gain access to the REAL code? or is this a special code used to install it?

I assuming I cannot just pop in a windows 7 disk and use this code to install it like I normally would...

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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From my experience since it is an upgrade, you would not only have to have the original Windows Vista disk that included his 25 digit product key, but also have the Windows 7 upgrade disk and the 17 digit product key.

That way you can install Windows Vista first, and then after the computer has installed the original operating system that came with it in the first place, put the Windows 7 upgrade disk in.

After doing what I said you should have Windows 7 back up and running on his machine.

You cannot just plop in the Windows 7 upgrade disk because it does not contain the full operating system. It only contains the upgrade version. The upgrade version will only run once you have installed the original operating system on it.
Thank you for that, thats exactly why I asked.
I personally own the upgrade edition of Windows 7 Home Premium and it comes with a 25 digit code and Installed just fine on an empty harddrive. SO I was curious if this Upgrade with the 17 digit code is a different procedure.
Since it does not have the original 25 digit code, then I am pretty sure it is a different procedure then if it would have had the original 25 digit code. Let me know if that works :)
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