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Windows 7 freezing

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Hi there,

I have installed a fresh copy of Win7 (x86/32bit version) on a hdd. It starts up fine and works fully for about 10 minutes (no longer) then completely freezes (as in mouse and everything freezes), there's usually a few random lines running across the page and color distortions on the screen sometimes.

I'm currently running XP (on a seperate hdd with the win 7 hdd out of my system) and it's working 100% fine but of course when i switch hdd's back to the win 7 one it freezes, its not the hdd's problem because i tried installing 7 on another hdd and same problem occurs.
Thank you for helping ! :pray:

OS : Win 7 / currently XP
AMD X2 4200+
Gigabyte GA-K8N SLI mobo
9500GT 1GB DDR2
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why was win7 reinstalled? maybe related?

was win7 installed on the drive on that specific computer? did win7 come with that computer? if not, did you go to the computer manufacturers website, download and install their drivers for your specific system?
Win 7 wasn't reinstalled it was installed for the first time on a hdd (installed using my computer) i read somewhere about ACPI drivers that might be interfering or something ?
Could it be driver related because XP is working fine ?
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