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Windows 7 freezes on startup

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Windows 7 freezes at the 'loading windows' part, when it is just about to load the flag is freezes, you can see 4 dots of the flag just about to connect. This happens when i load the the operating system or the installation cd. It happens with other operating system installation disks aswell.

Can anyone help me???!!!!
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Hi try cleaning the dvd drive and remove and reseat the ram
Agreed - if you can try installing from a USB key instead to test that - I've seen some installations of Linux and Windows fail in similar fashion with a bad DVD, and the same exact media contents installed from a USB key work fine. It is definitely worth a try, but hangs like that (assuming the DVD drive is otherwise OK) is usually bad RAM or a bad video card.
Yes but it also freezes when loading the operating system from the hard drive, so it can't be a cd problem
Hi please try the proffered suggestions then comeback and let us know what has happend
how do you stop usbs being configured on boot up?
Hi what has this to do with the issue you posted first ? please deal with one thing at a time
i cant boot by usb because bios configures it and deletes all the data
What is the make and model of your computer full model number please
its a custom built one, the motherboard is BIOSTAR
The bios should not delete data,have you configured it to boot from usb in the bios ? does it have that ability ? the mobo model number would be helpfull
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