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Windows 7 download

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Could I ask someone a really basic question please?
I have Windows XP SP3. I have noticed that I can download Windows 7 very cheaply. Can I do this and does it attach to XP and just upgrade it with out having to do a re format and all that stuff?
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if you get a LEGAL copy of an upgrade version of win7, it will have to be a clean install during the win7 installation. do not format your drive prior. a legal activated copy of xp will have to be on your system for the upgrade version of win7 to work.
I have the XP mandatory legal copy. Thank you.
Where does this leave Windows Vista? Am I right then in assuming that I can now bypass Vista and go from Windows XP to Windows 7?
i would make sure all your hardware is compatable with windows 7 and can get drivers for the stuff
you do not need vista so you can bypass it. As the previous response mentioned, before you consider upgrading to win7, you need to make sure there are win7 drivers available for your system at the computer manufacturer. if they do not, then I would strongly urged not to upgrade.

Also you can run the following to help determine if your system is win7 ready

also you can only use win7 upgrade or win7 full retail version. You cannot use any oem versions whatsoever.
Thanks guys. Looking into it.
Being a gamer and still using XP and about to upgrade shortly, should I by pass Vista completely now and use Win 7 in a new rig?
What are the advantages for a gamer having Win 7 over Vista?
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