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Windows 7 Desktop

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this so feel free to move it mods but as it is windows 7 related... i put it here.

i have windows 7 and i love photos.... on my desktop i would like to view more than one of them.. i have dual screens so maybe there is a way to have one picture on one and one on the other.

i did remeber seeing my friend had an app that was like photos scattered on his desktop and they were mixed up constantly. this is what i would like to achieve hopefully....

any help would be great..

p.s i would like to do more that just have them on a timer as i am bored of that.

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Hi Jiffybag,

Display Fusion should do the trick. There was another program as well that I used to use and will try to find it. Display Fusion has a free version which lets you do this. Here's the Free vs Pro specs
I have never heard of DisplayFusion but it seems to be similar to a multi-monitor utility I have been using and recommending for years, UltraMon.

Note too there are many really cool backgrounds for dual-monitor setups at Blatte's Backgrounds.
cheers guys... thats a real help :)
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