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Windows 7 black screen, black or blank thumbnails, and black desktop themes

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. So, these are my problems described in the title. I cannot change desktop from black, only can set a picture as a background.

When I am in pictures folder for example, I see blank or black thumbnails.
When I right click and go to personalize, I can see black themes instead of actual pictures.

I tried almost everything.
- reinstalling video driver
- clearing thumbnail from disk cleanup
- resetting dwm.exe
- going into safemode and then restaring into normal windows
- I tried fixing shell by using "fixshell"
- clearing & repairing registry errors
- ran an error checker
- ran a file checker

I have Microsoft Office 2010 - I heard that it could be the issue, but maybe I am not right, anyway...

I attached a print screen photo.

And, I am hopeless, any help please? Thanks
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I noticed you're not running Aero. Click on last item, left side - "Troubleshoot problems with transparency...."

Office 2010 should not be a factor here. Public pics folder is empty - it should have sample pics in it.

Validate your OS installation - Genuine Microsoft Software
Ok, the reason why it said "Troubleshoot..." is because I turned off (ended process) dwm.exe. just to see if it would work. while I was taking screen shot, I forgot to restart this dwm.exe. But, I still have the same problem. Ok, so just forget about this "troubleshoot...", ok?

Now, what do you mean, it supposed to have pictures in it (office 2010) some in its location or inside like in office word?

I validated my windows, it is genuine, it is ok.

So, what else can i do?
I also did:
- clean boot
- boot in safe mode
- create another user account

still have the same problem

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