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Hi Guys,
I'm a 21 year old student, have no clue about computers, basically trying to get my lexmark p6350 printer to print my work and I get a message come up saying to select bidirectional printing or something but when I go to select this option I can't tick te box because its shaded out. As far as im aware i've downloaded all the most recent drivers so I cant see why this isnt working?

You help would be MUCH appreciated :) x

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Hi Alex Rose,

Is it a local or network printer?

Are you loged in as administrator, if not login with Administrator username and password?

Incase if you are not loged in as administrator than some options might be disabled.

Did you install any application recently or any updates?

Steps to enable bi directional printing:

1.Open Printers and Faxes in control Panel
2.Right Click on the Printers Icon
4.In the Properties dialog box select the PORTS tab
5.Near the bottom there is a check box to enable Bi-directional printing
6.Make sure it is checked
7.Click OK to exit the dialog box

In case, if you are loged in with adminstrator and still the option is disabled or greyed out.

Than delete the printer by just right click on the printer icon in the devices and printers window under control panel.

Now, follow the steps of adding a printer, this might resolve your issue.

1.Click the Windows 7 Start button. A menu will appear.

2.Click Control Panel. A window will appear.

3.Click Hardware and Sound.

4.Under Devices and Printers, click Add a printer. A dialog box will appear.

5.Click Add a local printer (or Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer incase if you have a network or wireless printer).

6.Under Use an existing port, click the drop-down arrow. A menu will appear.

7.Click the option required.

8.Click Next.

9.Click Have Disk. A dialog box will appear.

10.Click Browse. A dialog box will appear.

11.Browse to the drivers for your printer.

12.Click the driver file you want to use.

13.Click OK and follow the rest of the instructions in the wizard.

Let us know if any.

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