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Windows 2003 Server Edition or Mac OS X Tiger

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i just got a new computer and i wanna play around with my old one. i was thinking about making it into a server but then i had an idea of changing the OS into MaC OS X Tiger because I love iLife and most of the programs (if there is anything better or like iLife please reply saying what it is) so i need some ideas on what i should do with it.
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30 GB
256 MB of RAM
Intel Pentium 3
thats all i remeber

im probaly going to upgrade to whats needed. idk what i just know ill upgrade it
Server 2003 won't run on that, it has the same interface as winxp + a lot more services running in the background. With 256MB of RAM you can barerly run windows xp so I'm sure server 2k3 won't run very well. As far as MAC OS X Tiger, I don't think you can install that on a PC, you can install PC hardware on a MAC from what I know, the architecture is totally different, but I can be wrong.
arg... my friend said i should put NT if i want a server.

New PC -
Intel Pentium 4
ATI Radeon 9600
1 GB Ram
80 GB Ram
Windows XP Professional SP2
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