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Windows 2000 Server Problem

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Approxmately 1-2 weeks ago, these problems showed up. Anyone have any suggestions? It is Windows 2000 Server, SP4.

Symantec Autoprotect disables itself randomly

I cannot navigate to the Windows Update page, I can by IP Address, but it crashes when it try to scan for updates

The Windows Installer service does not start, and any applications that use the service don't install (ie MS Antispyware)

Device Manager crashes

My tape drive in Veritas shows up as paused (don't know if this is directly related, but what started all the problems)

I have done the following --

Ad-Aware scan
Spybot Search and Destroy scan
Ewido online scan
Panda Software online scan (Runs for 10 seconds and then closes all IE windows)
Symantec Liveupdate and then full virus scan (Multiple scans)
Online virus scan via Symantec
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Problem may be Veritas/Symantec combo

See MS KB Q830265, as it discusses problems that are caused by 3rd party filter drivers, including :grin: Symantec and Veritas filter drivers.

Of course, they recommend applying the latest updates from those vendors.

Good luck...
have you checked your logs? Right click on my computer>manage>event viewer. Look for any errors.
Wireless access point

i have a wrireless access point but when i try to connect with my Labtop it will ask me network key, how can find the network key
Similar problems... Here is my thread

I am having problems similar to what you describe. Check my thread and see if the additional symptoms I have also apply to your server.

same problem


i have the same problem on 2 servers with 2000, veritas et norton.
Veritas is running since 10 days and i can't stop the process to eject the data... thats the first problem and the beginning to others too :(
Norton is disable but up to date.
I can't update windows online but i try to installmanually last crtical patches of august but the installation don't work....
i can't kill any process running.
On 1 server, i reboot but it's worst... i can't access to internet, to the control panel, to explorer....

do u find a solution or anyone know what i need to do!
thanx for any answer
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