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Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000 and Exchange 5.5

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I have a user who can't see anything in his mailbox. When
I look at his mailbox on Exchange server : under
configuration->Servers->MailSERVER1->Private Information
Store->Mailbox Resources->Kim.Jones I can see his mailbox Windows Login account is set to
COMPANY\EXCHA-Admin where as others are set to their NT
username (eg Fred.Bloggs)COMPANY\Fred.Bloggs.

I tried to change this to the NT login username (selecting
Primary NT account and entering username), but it does
reflect these changes when I look in the Private
Information Store->Mailbox resources->Kim.Jones is still
set to COMPANY\EXCHA-Admin

Any ideas why Outlook 2000 sees nothing in the inbox, as
the Exchange server see a mailbox of over 1.2MB ?


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