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Windows 10 odd permissions

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I upgraded to windows 10 and am having odd permission problems regarding a secondary hardrive.

I have followed the basic guidelines for editing permissions and do not need a novice walk through.

Within the old hardrive there is a folder on the "desktop" path

D:\Users\*****\Desktop\"bad folder"

This folder has many sub folders. I can access and edit the child folders and files within the directory:

D:\Users\*****\Desktop\"bad folder"\..........

However, files immediately within the "bad folder" it self require permissions to view edit or move.

Once again, only immediate files are inaccessible.

ex: Files in the path:
D:\Users\*****\Desktop\"bad folder"\folder1

are available.

All security settings for these folders are the same and give my administrator account I am using full control.

I have tried a third party grant full control program to no avail.
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