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Windows 10 Hangs on boot

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Hello everyone.

Recently my laptop's been acting up a little. It's not yet come to the point where I'm ready to do a full wipe (mainly because I currently have no option to make backup of my most important files), and I am mainly interested if any one else has run into this issue.

The problem is, when I start up my laptop (boots in no time, SSD <3) Windows hangs on the Gray Startup screen with the white circling circles.

Hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del will show my login screen image and the wireless icon, one more (I don't remember which) and the power icon. So far I've fixed it by doing this and then going to power options, and restarting the computer. Second time around it usually goes directly to the logon screen. But this is not an ideal solution.

Any one have an idea as to why this could be happening? The laptop is relatively new and I have Avira installed and up-to-date.

Any insight or suggestions on how to fix this are greatly appreciated.
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You can backup up to 15Gb of data for free to any of the Cloud services (eg) Google Drive, MS One Drive, iCloud, etc. Just drag and drop, copy and paste your personal files (eg) pictures, music, documents to the cloud service. You can also have more then one service. Or get yourself an external HDD or use both.
As for the computer problem, Does this happen on cold boot or waking from sleep? If happening on a cold boot, try a Clean Boot, if this works, try adding one startup item at a time until the computer doesn't boot, then you will know what the problematic program is.
Well, you already have Google Drive, to save your backups to.
I see you have UTorrent and that is set to Start with Windows. TSF is opposed to Bit Torrent as they believe that this is used only for pirated software because of this you may be infected. The rest of the mods on this site will not help you because of this. UTorrent is set to start with Windows. Open UTorrent and go to toolbar to Options/Preferences/General uncheck Start with Windows. restart and see if that helps.
Please try a Clean Boot, If this does not help, click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and do those things and post in that section of the forum and not here please.
I don't care if you use bit torrent, but everyone else here does, and will probably close the thread if you keep mentioning it.
As I stated, try stopping uTorrent from starting with Windows, see if this helps
You still may be infected as many malware programs do not catch everything.
try a Clean Boot see if that helps.
There is no harm in posting over at the security section of the forum to get a clean bill of health.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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