Since its release, the Windows 10 Technical Preview has shown us many useful new features. In addition, the Windows Insider Program has been a very useful endeavor for Microsoft while developing Windows 10, improving many aspects that were missing from Windows 8.1. Let's look at some of the new additions.

Windows 10 will feature a Start Menu, an often asked for option for those who prefer the unobtrusive nature of the old menu. However, this one will feature the metro-tiles from the Start Screen, giving you the ability to customize it to your needs.

The new iteration of Windows will also feature Virtual Desktops. The ability to swap between various virtual desktops is a great addition to the operating system.

Windows RT apps will now run as windows, giving you the ability to re-size them as necessary. The absence of that option was also a common complaint about Windows 8.1.

Snapping is improved, the Alt-Tab menu has been changed, and the notification bar is now a lot more in-depth. Recently it has also been revealed that Windows 10 will natively support both MKV and H.264 encoding for playback.

Other features include Battery Saver that limits background activity when low on charge, Data sense to monitor bandwidth usage, an improved File Explorer, and command line improvements, such as copy and pasting operations using keyboard shortcuts.

The technical preview will run till the 15th of April.

Windows 10 is set to release late 2015.

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