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Win98 Fresh Start Problems

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My first post on the forums and it's a desperate request for help... please?

Faced with a slow, cluttered PC I decided to bite the bullet and go for a fresh start. However, after going through the motions, I seem to have destroyed my PC!! All I get on attempted boot-up is the message "PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT".

Here's what I did:

- boot to floppy and run fdisk
- delete the existing 3 partitions (on 2 drives)
- create 2 new partitions (one full on each drive)
- boot to floppy with CD support
- format c: /s
- format d: (I tried this with /s too just in case)
- boot to floppy and select "run win98 setup from CD"
- it warned me that an operating system already existed
- I selected "overwrite with new system"
- win98 seemed to load ok until the first reboot
- I removed the floppy as instucted
- PC began to boot but gave me the message "PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT"

That's it... that's as far as I can get. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that I used to have 2 partitions on my second drive but now I only want one. Otherwise nothing has changed.

I'm convinced that I've missed something simple because I've done a fresh start on this setup before without problems... plus the damn thing worked before I messed with it!!

I've literally spent the entire day partitioning, reformatting and win98-loading... and now I am confused, frustrated and not to mention a little pi$$ed.

Please, please help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

My setup:
Asus A7V KT133 (1005) mobo 850 Athlon TBird
640M PC133 SDRAM
30Gb Seagate 7200rpm (primary)
60Gb Maxtor 5400rpm (secondary)
Soundblaster Live Platinum
Hercules nVidia 32M GeForce Prophet 2
10x Pioneer DVD
24x Liteon CDRW
Taxan 985 19" Monitor
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums whizzbangtango....:D

This should take care of your fdisking and formatting issues.

Fdisk and Format
Thanks for the link SPEEDO... it helped a lot. I still had to strip the PC down to the bones but now I'm up n running again. Cheers. :D
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