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Win98 Change owner name

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I am cleaning a laptop to give away. Is there a way to change the ownername without having to re-install windows?This shows up in the system display 'registered to' and on the start manu 'Log off ....'.
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Win98 change owner name


You can do this. Go into the Registry. (Start, Run, type in regedit.)
When the registry opens, click on Edit, Find. Type in your PC's name and click Find.
When it finds one, right click on the Name value across from where the PC name is, click on Modify. Type in a new name, laptop or something. Click OK.
Repeat this process until you have changed them all.
To Scudrunner: Thanks that worked great - there were even more places than I thought!
To whosdat: Thanks I checked the bios - there isn't anything on this machine.
Nothing windows-related is stored in the BIOS.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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