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win7 help

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i cant open our says here...realtek rtl8101e 10/100 pci express ethernet adapter
pxe-e61 media test failure, check cable
pxe-mof exiting pxe rom
disk boot failure,insert cd

help please....
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is win7 the original operating system for that computer?
Hi belga family and welcome to TSF.

Can you turn off the computer via the wall, and open it up. Check that all the cables are properly connected, especially the cable running from the Hard drive to the motherboard and the power cable running to the hard drive. Also check that your RAM sticks and video card is also firmly connected in their slots.

Can you let us know what the system specs are as well to the best of your knowledge, especially what power supply you have and the wattage. To find this out, you should see a label on the power supply which will tell you the make and wattage.
I forgot to ask, did you just install win7
It's trying to boot from a network. First, in the BIOS, change your boot devices. You will probably need CD/DVD drive first here. You want the hard drive in the second position. If you can, disable the boot from network options.

Most of the times I've seen this, it's either been a bad hard drive or a problem with the Master Boot Record (mbr). To fix the second, you may need to boot from your Windows CD.
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