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Win2000 questions! :)

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I currently have win98SE and really am thinking about moving up to 2000pro. I have read both opinions on the matter, but thought I would see how it goes.

Just have a few questions for you first!

If I DO move up to 2000 and hate it, can I easily go BACK to 98 without losing anything?

How do I know what I am looking for to be compatable before I do this? I mean, I have a scanner (Mustek) that is from like 1997....will that work on 2000? Things like that..I am just wondering what I need to check first and how I can tell.

Thanks! You guys are great to me!
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First of all, what is your primary use for this computer? You will need to weigh the benefits of upgrading to possible issues that may arise. If the upgrade is just to "stay current", then most will advise against it, as it would only be a waste of money and may create problems.
I just thought it might be a better OS...more efficient...have better options, etc.
Unless you have some specific application or need to move to 2K, I'd stick with what you have. Also, 2K is more critical of system components, and doesn't have device support for many devices that are supported by W98, so that could be an issue.

what we see here is someone who has bought into the hype about how they need to upgrade....

if 98se works for you, then youll only add headache to change it.

and i had some silly problems with 2k and my hardware, so i have to agree with johnwill.

everyone is told that they need to throw away 98, but they need to stop acting like it is useless.

i personally wont put anything else on a machine, not since i had my little adventure...

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Nooo..I didn't buy into ANYTHING. Nobody told me ANYTHING. I just thought maybe it might provide other options, cooler things, etc. THAT WAS ALL. OUCHIE!!!!!!

But..I will stay with what I have. it works and the last thing I want is having to deal with PC problems!

Thanks for the input:)

I don't know where you are all coming from. But I have never had any trouble with Win2k and I have also moved on to WinXP pro. They are very more efficient and faster than Win98. I hate Win98 I have always hated it and there is no use for it. All you need to do is make sure you have Win2k drivers for your peripherals and you will be ok. Plus I can't see you haveing any trouble finding drivers for your stuff, Win2k has been out for a while. I say go for it. You will really appreciate its stability. Ditch 98.
choadgod, the fact that you had no compatibility issues upgrading to W2K on your hardware means you can speak of a sample of one. :rolleyes: The truth is that many older systems won't run W2K without significant upgrades. For instance, try finding the W2K drivers for the old scanner she mentioned in her post! I have a couple of AGP video boards that W2K drivers don't exist for either. Finally, W2K needs more memory, and faster processing for the same performance as with W98. Also, if you have DOS games and the like, many of them won't run under W2K.

I run W2K and XP on all the systems here, but if W98 is doing all she needs to do with no issues, what's the point in spending the money and upgrading? :confused:
Wow you have a strong opinion coming in here with 2 posts saying there is no use for windows 98. 98 is the only operating system I have used since Windows 95 and I can tell you it's good for a lot of things, and unnecesary upgrades are a waste of money and frequently cause problems.
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