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Win XP pro 64x Mobile AMD athlon 64 processor 4000+ power management/Cpu speed issue

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Hi everyone.

I am having a hard time with my laptop after it came back from a repair at the shop.

i installed win xp pro 64x and fully updated the whole thing.

my windows continues to claim that my processor works at a 800mhz at all times. i am able to launch games like EVE online and run all my programs but when i try to launch Hellgate London i get the message that i am not meeting the minimun requirements of 990mhz, it then proceeds to the game and i can log in to my account and play BUT the whole thing is in a super accelerated mode.

can anybody help me with this ? i already searched microsoft and google for solutions and cant seem to find anything

my AMD Power monitor says that i am running 2600mhz as i should be.

i have tried to change the reg key to 2600 mhz instead but this doesnt help.

i have also tried to install the newest amd drivers.

i have also tried to install SpeedSwitch to force my computer into max speed at all times (cpu goes slower when its not working)

please help me if u can i am totally out of ideas here.. :4-dontkno

// my system is the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1667G laptop

Mobile AMD athlon 64 processor 4000+
ATI radeon mobility x700
1,5gb ram
the power management system is ACPI

thx in advance

Aron Rohden
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I tried my bios is not allowing me to change anything except date and boot options. : /

it does display the right name of the cpu and under the startup it tells me that i have 2600mhz
I already installed that driver and you are right. the actual cpu speed is ok.. the problem is that hellgate london is dependant on the cpu speed that windows specifies and that speed is 800mhz.
I can now confirm that my Cool N quiet is forcing the cpu to run at 800mhz and it does accelerate to max speed when i launch an application that needs it.. apparently this issue is with the game hellgate london :S
how can i disable CnQ ? windows wont let me and my bios only lets me change DateTime and boot stuff :S
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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