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Win 98 Icons askew...

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My Palm application icons look like a text page with a red upper case 'A' in the lower left corner, whereas, previously, they looked like a miniature PDA icon. My Adobe document icons also look this way. It's as if Windows gives them this generic identity for some unexplained reason.

Have tried to use Tweakui and "Repair Icons" but that didn't effect any change. Also, looked for but didn't find "Inbox Repair Tool" but it seems to be missing from "Start > Programs > Accessories >,,," too!

Any thoughts on how to fix or what to put back? Something seems either corrupt or missing here.

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Welcome to the board,

Does it look somthing like the picture below?


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sure does...

I was mistaken about the position of the 'A' on the icon, but for all purposes, it is the icon you attached. Don't know why it changed to that when I formerly had the appropriate Adobe icons in the past. MS Word also tends to ingratiate itself when a file is really an Adobe file. I've made that discovery when I opened an Adobe file with Word and it kept scrolling page after page ad nauseum/infinitum. Don't know why it does that either.

I've just downloaded Adobe Reader's upgrade 5.05 which may or may not make a difference to the situation. Will let you know.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

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