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Win 2K problems after installing

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Hi, i made a full fotmat of my drive and then installed windows 2000 pro and have some problems....

First, right after starting the OS for the first time some messages from the "messenger service" apeared telling i have problems in the registry and have to download programs from certain companies. Im sure that it is spaming, thats for sure, but after scaning with adaware SE and registry mechanic messages are still bodering...

Then another problem apeared since the actual OS doesnt detect my soundcard (a sound blaster pci 128), which is weird becouse i installed win 2k some time ago and it worked fine, also worked with win xp.

And last but not less important...i tried to install msn messenger and after downloading i run the setup and some error message apears telling that there was an error with a corrupted or missing .CAB file...

Please help i dont know what to do....
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Is it a dual-boot system? if yes, then, the question is how did you format the drive. Is it preinstall or during install? I had similar kind of problem when I did a mistake where I wanted to install XP with 2000 already running on it and so I went to format a drive before installing XP and my system conked. I heard from the tech guy that the formating had damaged some of my system files. I had manually formatted the drive while I had logged in 2000, so that was my mistake. Well, I'm not very much sure if this info will help you. I would rather suggest you trying to repair Windows with the w2k CD, but pls wait for some more professionals to speak up.

The messenger service should be disabled anyway. These are how you are getting popups.

Go to

Start -> Settings -> Conrtol Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

You will find the messenger service somewhere in the list box. Right click on the service, select the properties and disable the service. This should eliminate getting unwanted netsend popups.
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