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Win 2000 Server Won't Talk To Linksys Router

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I have very little knowledge about Win 2k Server so please bare with me! I just built a Win 2k Server so I can create a domain w/in my home. I understand networking and already have a network setup using a workgroup, but am tired of the petty problems you have with sharing things in a workgroup. That is why I want a domain with user accounts.

My problem is that I can't get my server/domain controller to talk to my linksys router. I have static coded a network address and it still will not talk. I set up the router with a x.x.x.1 ip address, we will just say I then set up the server with I know everything is set up correctly with the router and the server as far as static coding an IP address. Now, why can't I ping the router?? All I get is a time out. I have replaced the nic and the lan cable both, so neither of those are bad.

Any help will GREATLY be appreciated!
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Is there a link light for the port on which the server is connected to?
Yes....I even have the little network Icon saying there is a link with the switch (router).
Set it back so that it gets an IP from the DHCP this should be the router unless DHCP was disabled on the router. See if you are getting an IP address.
Tried that already also....Does anyone know how to tell the server to connect to the network? Do I need to set up a static route of some sort. How would I do that? Once again, I am new to Win 2k Server.

Also, I wanted to setup the server to run everything.....d/c, dhcp, active directory, etc.
what's the ip address of the router and the server? Are you sure they are both on the same subnet?
As stated earlier, we will say they are for the router and for the server. I won't share the actual addresses, but these are very similar. I know how to network devices and how to subnet networks....I am using the same IP address scheme I had for the workgroup. (I am not duplicating any IP addreses either.)
Cool, so everything seems good there. Now which router do you have? Have you tried locking the network card speed down to 100mbps/full, 100mbps/half, 10mbps/full, and 10mbps/half?

I'm not sure this will work but it will narrow things down a bit. Also let's not worry about DHCP, let the router lease the IP address out for now. Let's assign the server, maybe there are some restrictions on the router??? I don't know but i'm just trying to see where the problem is coming from.
I have the Linksys with the 11MB wireless. (old, but reliable) I have put the card on both auto and 100/full. No dice there either. I have configured the router to not allow traffic from the IP address range except for about 6 ip addresses. The server is 100, my wife's is 101 and my laptop is 102. That leaves me 103, 104, 105 available.

I don't understand why it is giving me so many problems. I haven't changed anything on the router from what the workgroup was configured at. I gave the server the same IP address it had when it was a normal computer in the workgroup. I also made sure I cleared all the ip reservations in the router. In fact, that is why I staticed my wife's and my laptop. That way I knew the 100 would be available for the server.

It has to be something within the server configuration....I am about to just reload server all over again...That would suck cause it took about 3 hours to do the full server install.
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