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Willamette vs. Celeron

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i currently have a 2.8GHZ 128KB L2 cache Celeron in my Dell...and i was wondering if i should go back with my 1.5GHZ 256KB L2 cache Willamette..

would the Willamette play games better?

is it any better than the Celeron?

i also have a 1.8GHZ CPU, 128KB not sure what type of CPU it is though, might be a Willmette...

nay help would be great :grin:
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You'd see a noticable drop. While the Celery does have half the L2 cache that the other chip has, it still has pure speed to back it up.
give us yur motherboard make & model we might be able to find you a good deal on ebay for a processor that will improve your speed cheaply.

under $100 anyway
i have the max CPU, well almost max, my mobo is a Socket 478...

i heard that they made 3.0GHZ, and even 3.2's but their rare...
Do you have the model number of your Dell?
no, i looked on the back of the comp, nothing but the product number or w.e...

it's a GX240..
The Dell Optiplex GX240 is quite aging by todays standards. It uses the Intel 845 chipset and I'm suprised that it even runs your 2.8GHz Celeron. The 845 chipset has a 400MHz FSB and normally the CPU speed is maxed out at 2.2GHz.

Here's the bad news. Your biggest bottle neck is your memory. This board uses standard SDRAM memory. To take advantage of any of todays apps and games, your really should upgrade your system to something that at least uses DDR memory.
yep, i know it uses SDRAM, PC-133...

i was thinkin bout buildin/buyin a 939 system, AMD...

but i thought it would be cheaper 2 mod my Dell 2 the max..
It would be more benificial to build a new system.
In my suggestion build a new pc from scractch alot better and cheaper
The one thing you must relize is that any parts you throw into the Dell will possibly not work in a newer system because the difference in technology.
SDRAM memory, socket 478 CPU, AGP graphics, even the IDE hard drive, all aging technology. It would be better to start with a new updated system.
C-joe is soooo accurate! upgrading only makes fiscal sense when the machine is in its prime, once it becomes three years old or older, the cost effectiveness errodes exponentially.

get by with the machine as is; until you can build a budget for a new machine.
yeah well im playin on buildin a computer soon...

thinkin of a socket 939 or somethin..
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