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Will WoW Work

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Okay i got two gaming comps in my house and was wondering if i could play WoW on both of them sinultaneously on the one shared internet connection or would i need two seperate internet lines from my ISP?

Thanks in advance!!
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1 line 1 router 2 ethernet cords
So long as you have the network hardware, meet the minimum specifications on both PCs & have two WoW accounts, yeah.
u need two WoW acounts and both computers to be hooked up to the internet then ur set
Although using the same line it may lag depending on your internet conenction.
I've seen 4 play at the same time on an 8Mbps/384Kbps cable line with no lag.
when i first started playing wow my friend had 2 pc's playing wow at once without lag.

when the 3rd one logged in the lag started.

when the 4th logged in it was basically a trial to see who would crack under the lag pressure first.
I tried it on 2 Mbps tho..... not so good :)
WoW's servers try to balance the speed to make it as though every player is on a decent 56kbps line. Most broadband connections surpass 56kbps (unless you've got DSL in San Antonio...) so you ought to be fine.
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