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Will this Video Card work?

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is it any good? This is in accordance with my cpu specs as in my signature.

M266A Motherboard with 2.4 ghz Celeron processor.
Socket 478

I am thinking the bios and all wont support the 8x, but I aint certain.
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Looks like a good card. The card is AGP 8x - your mobo supports AGP 4x .Cards are supposed to be backwards compatible but I think you have to be careful with voltages - 8x works on 0.8v while 2x and 4x work on 1.5v.

I think I would be a bit wary - you should be OK but then again.....

Have a look here

for some good info on AGP and card and mobo compatability.

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the card runs at 1.5 or 3v and the m/b supports both these voltages
I run an 8x card in a 4x slot... and I haven't heard of a card dying or not working because of doing this. In fact, the speed difference between 8x and 4x is really negligible...
upgrading from FX5200 128 MB, will i see any difference with games like World of Warcraft or even Age of empires III?
To quote one of the reviews on newegg:

If you are looking for a really good Video Card at a really great price, look no further! If you want the Processing Power and Speed of a $599.00 video card then spend $599.00. For the price you are paying here, you will get a FANTASTIC little gem of a video card that will ROCK YOUR LITTLE WORLD unless you think you NEED to spend $599.00 to play a game. In that case, your parents should have their Butts kicked for not raising you properly! I upgraded my 128 meg GeForce FX5200 with this and I can sure tell the difference in DOOM3! I run THIS board in a PC with an AMD Athlon 2500+ and 1 gig of PC3200 Crucial ram. I put the old FX5200/128meg in my other PC with the AMD Athlon 2600+ and 1gig of PC2700 ram..I play DOOM3 and QUAKE ll and Q3 on it and use it for a digital 24 track recording studio. My machines are homebuilt WORKHORSES with 350 watt P/S. They had WIN98SE and now XP Pro. Not a BURP out of them yet. This new board will carry you as far as you ever care to go! BUY IT!
he says he upgraded with this. does he mean he upgraded to an FX5200 or from an FX5200 to the 5500 thats from tigerdirect?
Whether it's much of an upgrade or not depends on what kind of FX5200 you have.

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit which does the drawing) of an FX5200 runs at 250MHz whereas the FX5500 is the exact same chip running at 270MHz. There is very little difference there.

The video RAM on the FX5500 you linked is 6.4GB/sec. FX5200s have video RAM which may be anywhere between 2.7GB/sec to 6.4GB/sec. The speed of the video RAM has a substantial effect on the speed of these low-end video cards so the FX5500 may be a big step up or it may not depending on what kind of FX5200 you currently have. You have to check the specs for your specific model of video card to be sure what you currently have.

The DirectX 9 support of the FX5200 and FX5500 is extremely weak. They don't have enough DirectX 9 shader support to do a good job of the displaying the advanced effects in the newest games. For all practical purposes they are DirectX 8 cards. If you want a step up in the under $100 price range then you really need to look at the 128 bit video RAM versions of the Radeon 9550 or Radeon 9600 Pro,XT. They have real DirectX 9 support in the under $100 price range.
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