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Will this graphics card fit my motherboard?

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Hey, I'm not really that great with computers so please excuse me if i seem noobish.

The Graphics card i am trying to get is:
XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5 PCIE Graphics Card HD577AZNFC

If not, which graphics card would be alright for gaming, buying a new PC is out of the question

Thanks in Advance

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Please post the model number of the PC, fujitsu siemens don't list their motherboards individually on their website.
what are the ways i can check that? I have no idea how to find the model number
Looks like a early DDR2 533 board?
What CPU are you running?
Mini case or standard size case?
And lastly what Power Supply? If you don't know remove the side cover and look at the label on the PSU, brand, model, number of 12v rails and the amperage on the 12v rails.
Should be on a sticker somewhere, not sure exactly where to be honest though.
Model of PC: Esprimo p

power supply unit is DPS210 FB

CPU AMD Athalon 64x2 dual core prosessor 3800+

size Standard if not a little bigger.
The card will fit the motherboard, but the power supply at 210w is way to small to run it.
For a HD5770 you'll want at least a 650w Quality unit like a Seasonic, Corsair, XFX 650w
I should also add the CPU and ram speed are on the low side to fully use the card.
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