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Will this CPU bottleneck my video card?!

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Hey i recently just ordered a dual core gaming rig off newegg which should be arriving by friday. i was told that my cpu would bottleneck either of my gpu's is this true?!

Intel E8600 OC'd to 3.8ghz 1600fsb Stock voltages
gigabyte p45 ud3l
corsair hx650
ocz reaper ddr2 2x2gib 5-5-5-18
500gib hdd 7200rpm

I was thinkin of throwing in a Radeon 5770 or even a GTX 470, Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!

ps - i heard on a forum somewhere that dual cores are actually better for gaming? not sure if this is true but i know i seen it out there.
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Most games still don't fully use more then 2 cores, the quads in the same price range generally run slower clock speeds so a higher clock dual would run better.
The HD 5770 ($160) and a GTX470 ($325) are not in the same ballpark performance wise to compare them, the 5770 will not be an issue, the 470 should not be either.
Cool thanks! yea i wasnt comparing the 2 gpus ...their just 2 gpu's i got laying around so i was just wondering if it couldnt handle both of them which you answered =] Thanks!
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