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Will RAM work if it has two diffent cas latencys?

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Ok I am shopping for some RAM on newegg.
I have this program called CPUZ and it says the cas latency in my RAM is 2.5
I want to order this RAM on newegg its the same everything except cas latency which is 3.0.

Will this make a difference?

Also will it matter if i have different BRANDS of RAM in my comp as long as they are the same speed and everything?
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You should be able to run them both, but they will run at the slowest timings, so with a latency of 3. Brands shouldn't matter, but don't put these sticks in dual channel slots. Put them in different color slots on the motherboard.
Its always best to get the same branded RAM as any unforeseen incompatibility issues can be dodged that way. CAS 3 is safer but slower.
Do this before you go about your purchase.

Sorry to say but I don’t think that is the best way about going to buy new ram, find out your mother board specs then post them I can show you about buying new ram…please do not get something that was the same as it was in your computer because it might just be a don’t make the comparison of to what you are buying I ‘m serious don’t depend on programs to tell you what you have some times those programs are 3rd party made and may not even be retrieving valuable or even accurate information…so please get the specs and we can get you some good memory and the rite memory! Do you even know if its sdram or ddrsdram or ddr2sdram or ddr3sdram or even if it is dual channel compatible or if your motherboard can even support that or how many gigs your motherboard supports? Just get the mother board specs and I will help I promise. Just don’t money away, well just not yet ok? Post those specs or even just the make and model of your mother board please, don’t give us the model of the computer I want the model of the motherboard and make (make is the company who made it) and also it should be written rite on the motherboard. Thanks dude.
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CPU-Z is in fact a very reliable program, and you can easily verify the timings and other info with another program like Everest.
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